Experience the sensation of travelling in the 19TH century on the Montserrat Classic Express 1890, a unique train and a treasure of our railway system that transports you back in time.

Climb on board the Montserrat Classic Express 1890 and take a trip through the history and culture of Catalonia, starting from Sant Boi de Llobregat, stopping at Martorell and ending up at Monistrol, where you board the rack railway that takes you up to the Shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat, one of the leading tourist attractions in Catalonia.

The Montserrat Classic Express 1890 has a total capacity of 157 seats, divided between four carriages.

The train comprises an MO1003 diesel locomotive which belonged to a unique series of 100 designed by S.A. Alsthom de Belfort (France) in the early 1950s.

This singular locomotive pulls four vintage carriages, fully restored with the utmost care to maintain their original details and decoration, which gives them an authentically modernista feel:

The C-31, the C-103 and the C-117, the first two dating from 1925 and the last from 1923. These are third-class carriages in a design that was very typical of the early 20TH century. (Read more) All their charm has been preserved in these elegant compartments with tables for 4 passengers; each carriage has a bar serving drinks and snacks. They have a total capacity of 109, 37, 34 and 38 seats respectively.

The C-36 carriage is the oldest, dating back to 1893, and has a capacity of 48 people. With its wooden benches and original décor, it does not have a drinks service although passengers can use the C-5 BAR at the different stops. (Currently out of service)

The last carriage in the Montserrat Classic Express 1890 train is the C-5, dating back to 1893. This unique carriage has been turned into the cafe car, where travellers can order drinks from the bar. (Currently out of service)

Finally, the Montserrat Classic Express 1890 also pulls a warehouse caboose, the CGFC whose white colour adds an elegant and unusual touch that catches the eye as it chugs along the tracks.