What You Didn’t Know About Ivanka & Tiffany Trump Relationship

What You Didn’t Know About Ivanka & Tiffany Trump Relationship

The Following Things you didn’t know about Ivanka and Tiffany:


13. Tiffany gets along with her siblings-now- President Trump’s younger daughter Tiffany has kept a low profile since her father has become president. Her siblings have been in the public eye more often than she has.

Tiffany and her older half-siblings have always appeared to get along with each other but recently on an on-air radio conversation between Donald Trump and Howard Stern revealed that Ivanka and Donald Jr.

Tried to cut their younger sister out of her inheritance. Donald Trump admitted that was true. Tiffany did appear with her three older siblings at the President-Elect’s 60-minute interview.


12. She was named after a store- The Tiffany & Co that is located on the corner of fifth avenue and Fifty-seventh street in New York City. It was made famous by Audrey Hepburn. Donald Trump completed his fifty-eight story masterpiece hotel, the Trump Tower Skyscraper, on the very prime piece of real estate adjacent to Tiffany’s in 1982. Just eleven years before his fourth child was born and that’s where he got the name Tiffany from and named his daughter after it.


11. Net worth- Tiffany Trump’s net worth is under one million dollars. While half of one million dollars sounds like a lot of money to most of us, this is a minimal amount of money in the Trump family.

Since Tiffany just graduated college and will be starting her career soon, it makes sense that her net worth isn’t as high as you would expect it to be. Her net worth is an estimated $600,000. Her father, Donald Trump has a net worth of $billion, so we can see where she’s heading, to the big bucks just like the rest of her family.


10. The family- The whispers began in the spring of 2016, and became louder and louder. Tiffany is Donald’s only child from his second marriage. They did not grow very close due to the fact that Tiffany and her mother, Marla Maples, lived in California and that caused Tiffany to grow up an entire continent away from her father.

She didn’t have the same access to him the way Ivanka and Ivanka’s two brothers did. The three of them lived with their mother and were only an elevator ride away from Donald in the Trump Tower, in New York City.

Tiffany was fifteen years old when she reached out to Ivanka about how to approach their father for some money needs. Tiffany didn’t have access to a credit card like the other children did. Ivanka says they were not spoiled with boundless trust funds as kids, but they were rewarded special treats from time to time.

An example of this is when Ivanka was younger Donald arranged for Michael Jackson to come to watch her dance in her recital, “The Nutcracker.” Tiffany missed out on these types of perks because of the distance. Ivanka ended up talking to Donald for her, and he agreed to give Tiffany a credit card for Christmas with a monthly allowance on it.

Tiffany was very appreciative and relieved.


9. The favorite- Ivanka spent her childhood in a lavender bedroom on the 68th floor of Trump Tower, with a perfect view of Central Park. Donald and Ivana were not around very much when Ivanka was growing up. The children grew up with two nannies and a bodyguard.

During Ivanka’s childhood, Ivana was the C.E.O. for Trump’s Castle casino, in Atlantic City and spent several days a week there which resulted in her not spending as much time with the kids at home as she should have. Ivanka has gone on to work for her father a year after she graduated school and she has been with the company ever since today she serves as the executive vice president of development and acquisitions.

In 2007 she launched a jewelry brand of her own under her own name and also expanded the Ivanka Trump clothing brand.

As you can see Ivanka has been very busy, on top of all she has already been doing; she has published a book called Women Who Work, promoting a feminist lifestyle brand that is designed to update the image some people have about working women.

Ivanka is now thirty-five years old, and everyone in the family seems to quietly acknowledge that Ivanka is the favorite. Donald’s affection for her has even come off as creepy at times. In an interview, Donald did he said, that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, perhaps he would date her. He claims he was just making a joke and has an open and honest relationship with his children.


8. Ivanka’s married life- Ivanka married Jared Kushner, from a prominent New York-New Jersey real-estate family, at the Trump National Golf Club. They got married in New Jersey, in October 2009.

Ivanka and Jared have three children together, their names are, Theodore, Arabella, and Joseph. Ivanka usually wakes up bright and early at five in the morning so she can get a workout in before the kids wake up. During election season she temporarily gave up her workouts because of a busy schedule and stress. The two of them seem happily married and enjoying family life.


7. The apprentice- On one of the first discussions about Tiffany, was in a radio interview with Howard Stern back in the 1990s, Donald told Stern about how Tiffany was an unplanned baby, and he and Marla weren’t sure what they were going to do at first.

They decided to keep the baby, and Tiffany Trump was born on October 13, 1993. Tiffany’s arrival was announced to the public at a news conference in the lobby of the Palace Theater, in New York. Marla Maples was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but she was eliminated after four episodes. Marla Maples has since launched her own lifestyle brand called, “Marla Maples.” and also has a podcast called “Awakening with Marla,” which talks about spirituality, personal empowerment, and health.


6. Half sisters- In the summer of 2011, Ivanka helped Tiffany get an internship at Vogue. Her friends say Tiffany isn’t very glamorous in daily life, and is unfailingly kind and loves learning and attending college. Tiffany once showed up late for a “Rich Kids” photo shoot for Dujour magazine because she was busy finishing up a paper for a summer class.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Tiffany made use of the credit card privileges that Ivanka helped her get. Their father provided a monthly budget of $500 on the card and no more, which seems awfully low for how much money her family has. When she would go out to eat with friends, she would split the restaurant bills down to the exact penny of how much she owed.

Tiffany double-majored in sociology and urban studies. She is currently living in an apartment near Trump Tower and studying for the L.S.A.T. She has a boyfriend named Ross who is a registered Democrat who voiced his support for Hillary Clinton on social media. Tiffany is focused on trying to make her own identity outside of the family which is one of the reasons why she wants to pursue a law degree.


5. The future- It remains to be seen what Tiffany will end up doing, she is still young and a work in progress.

So far Ivanka is the only child to have established a reputation of her own outside of her father’s real estate business. It is Ivanka’s husband, Jared who is at the center of the transition team.

Recently Jared and Ivanka have been house hunting in Washington D.C, to take on a more significant policy role in her father’s administration.


4. The men- Ivanka took to the campaign trail to support her father, her half-sister, Tiffany, joined her.

Tiffany looks up to her sister. She says, “ Ivanka has such a brand and a personality and consistency in her Instagram.” Tiffany is still trying to jump into this whole world with both feet, but she hasn’t polished it yet. Ivanka gives her younger sister political advice, sisterly advice, and boy advice.

She also gives advice on things like what color looks best on camera, or when she’s wearing a dress make sure she sits down with her legs crossed. Basically, she helps her out with all the things she’s learned from being famous. Ivanka is without a doubt the most famous Trump, after her father of course.

She is also seen as the Trump who is the most reasonable child. She has told friends that her father’s presidency is so much bigger than the family and she’s eager to play a role on the issues she cares most about, mainly childcare and paid maternity leave for women.


3. Public eye- For many years Ivanka was the only daughter the public knew of. As sad as it sounds Tiffany has been identified as the forgotten Trump. Ivanka says Tiffany is her whole life and she really looks after her. She says she’s not close to Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, but that doesn’t stop her from spending time with her little sister.

Ivanka has her own clothing line focused on a young professional look at an affordable price. The clothing line includes items such as, a metallic sweater for $89, a floral blouse that costs $69, and a $145 pair of fringed high heels. For both daughters, the Trump brand has been a huge aspect of their lives.


2. Mystery daughter- There hasn’t been much said about mystery daughter Tiffany, but lately, she has raised her head from her books. She has flooded her Instagram account with bikini photos and model poses. She has gained a large following and has near one million followers now.

After Donald and Ivana’s divorce was settled, she received twenty million dollars in 1992. A year later Marla gave birth to Donald’s daughter Tiffany. The baby was a few months old before they got married and tied the knot at the Plaza hotel.

The bride wore a fancy gown and a two million dollar tiara. They ended up divorcing in 1999 with much less money involved, Marla settled for just two million dollars and moved to California with Tiffany when she was five years old. Since they moved so far away, Tiffany wasn’t really included in the family dynamic. She grew up in the Mar-a-Lago estate that Trump owns, and that was really the only connection she had with her famous family. She was always accompanied by a bodyguard, and she got a lot of looks for this. She told DuJour Magazine, “I don’t know what it’s like to have a typical father figure, he’s not the dad who’s going to take me to the beach and go swimming, but he’s such a motivational person.”


1. Growing up- Tiffany attended Viewpoint School, which has a $31,205 yearly tuition, in Calabasas California. She graduated in 2012, and both parents attended the occasion. When she was seventeen she tried out being a pop star, Tiffany loved to sing, but she moved on from that stage.

Now that she has gotten older, her siblings have embraced her a lot more. She is concentrating more on a career that is more in line with her siblings. Tiffany has tried out modeling but says she wants to do something with business or law instead. She has straight A’s at Penn State, and her father and family have been very proud of her.

It has been said that Tiffany is a party girl, and she’s seen out in parties and clubs often but that actually not the truth, she is young, and of age, so it’s only natural she would go out and have fun sometimes, but she is very studious and focused on her future.

Her friends have said she might go out but she rarely drinks, she usually keeps herself on her toes and looks out for her image. People would love to see her make a mistake but she seems conscious enough about herself in the spotlight and doesn’t want to mess up her image or reputation.

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