IBBL – Islami Bank Bangladesh Scholarship 2019 Ultimate Guide

Islami Bank is one of the leading Bank in Bangladesh. According to Rules of Bangladesh Bank, Every Bank need to do some social work.

Like all other banks, Islami Bank also does lots of Social Work such as scholarship to the unprivileged meritorious student who doesn’t have money for their education.

They provide scholarship to the unprivileged meritorious student every year. so today we are going to discuss their scholarship.

IBBL Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicants must have GPA 5 in SSC / Dakhil level
  • In the case of physical disability, a student must have 4.50 GPA.
  • SSC/Equivalent level students can apply for this scholarship.
  • Only poor/unprivileged students can apply.
  • In the case of freedom fighter’s son, at first, you have to fulfill the above conditions and the authority will consider especially but you have to submit documents from freedom fighter authority regarding freedom fighter’s son or daughter.

Islami Bank HSC Scholarship Application Date

  • An application must be submitted within 30th August 2019 and it starts from 24th June 2019.
  • You have to download the application form the Islami Bank website.
  • You have to fill up the form and submit to your nearest branch.
  • After 30th August, no application will be accepted.
  • So you should complete the scholarship process within 30th August.
  • You have to submit the following documents with an Application as follows:
    1. Attached Mark Sheet of SSC/ Equivalent
    2. Two Copy color photo and photos should be recent and old photos will not be accepted.
    3. Certificate from School Head
    4. Parents income certificate from the local authority or Salary Certificate from Respected organization.

Features of Islami Bank HSC Scholarship

  • The Duration of the scholarship is 2 years
  • Students will get monthly 2000 Tk as granted amount.
  • Students also granted 3000 Tk as books and stationary purpose annually
  • The scholarship avails to those who passed SSC/Dhakil.

Islami Bank Authority will review all the applications and list of selected applicants will be published on their bank website within specific date they mention.

Ranking Of Private University in Bangladesh 2019 By UGC

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. So students are increasing day by day. we have now 97 private universities in Bangladesh.

I know that you are here to search the ranking of the private university in Bangladesh. Today I am going to show you a top private university in Bangladesh.

Students are always given first priority to Public University. Those who are not admitted to Public University, they are looking for to join or admit in the private university.

Ranking Of Private University in Bangladesh 2019

North South University Bangladesh

NSU is the leading and pioneer university in Bangladesh. It is also the first nongovernment university in Bangladesh. UGC approved this university in 1992 and it started their journey from 1993. They provide lots of facilities for the students. Go to their website you will get lots of information.

  • Address: Plot, 15, Block B Kuril – NSU Rd, Dhaka 1229
  • Vice-Chancellor: Professor Atique Islam
  • Phone: 02-55668200
  • Email: registrar@northsouth.edu

Brac University

Brac is also a leading university in Bangladesh which was founded by the Sir Fazle Hasan Abed in 2001 under the Private University Act. The university has lots of courses and undergraduate and graduate program.

Go the website of Brac University and grab the all relevant information which is useful for you. Here is the university website link: https://www.bracu.ac.bd/

The University is a sister concern of Brac. It is located at Mohakhali, Dhaka.

  • The nickname of University: BRACU
  • Motto: Inspiring Excellence
  • Type of University: Private
  • Established in 2001
  • Chancellor: President Abdul Hamid
  • Vice-Chancellor: Vincent Chang
  • Academic staff: 593 (2019)
  • Students: 9839 (2019)
  • Undergraduates: 8764 (2019)
  • Postgraduates: 1075 (2019)
  • Location: Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Nickname BRACUIAN
  • Affiliations: University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

East West University

In 2019, This university ranks very well. In 2017, The position of East West University was 7th and now its ranking is 3rd.

It is another private university which is located in Aftabnagar, Dhaka. Short Name is EWU. It is a university of early 1990s. During that period of time, Our Government felt that existing public university were not sufficent to provide education in the Country. So they are decided to give permission of Private University.

At first it was a non profit organization and it was a first project of of the Progoti Foundation for Education and Development (PFED), education enthusiasts led by Mohammed Farashuddin, economist and former governor of Bangladesh Bank.

  • Address: Jahurul Islam City Gate, A/2 Jahurul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1212
  • Vice-Chancellor: M. M. Shahidul Hassan
  • Phone: 09666-775577

MNP service in Bangladesh: Use Any Operator Keeping Same Mobile Number

MNP means mobile number portability (MNP). This service was launched on 1st Oct 2018. So after launching this service. Bangladesh is the 72nd Country who has this service. MNP service in Bangladesh is the most popular service in the telecom sector.

If you are interested to change your mobile operator, you have to visit nearest customer care to complete the process.

Cost for MNP

Cost is two types. One is if you want to transfer mobile operator within 24 hours, you need to pay extra 100 TK including MNP charge 50 TK for switching from one operator to another.

If you change your mobile operator within 72 hours, you need to pay only MNP charge 50 TK only.

After switching one operator to another, next switching will be available after 90 days it means before 90 days you don’t have any option for another swithing from one to another.

BTRC took the initiative from 2009 but prograss was very poor. after long discussion and several meeting, Parliamentary Standing Committee decided to give permission.

MNP will enhance competition between the operators. Singapore is the first country using this service since 1997 and India and Pakistan using this service a few years ago.

BTRC thinks that this service helps customer and operators. It also ensure level playing fields.

Only 1/2 percent of 15 crore mobile users know about this service. if the service to spread to mass people. There will be massive change in future.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule and Ticket Price, Booking 2019

Dhaka to Chittagong is one of the important route in Railway History In Bangladesh. Everyday thousands of people come to dhaka from Chittagong and went to chittagong from Dhaka.

People who loves to travel in train they are always try to book DHK to CTG Ticket as early as possible.

Today we are going to tell you in details regarding dhaka to chittagong train schedule and ticket price also regarding booking.

List of Trains in Dhaka to Chittagong Route

Bangladesh Railway constantly trying to improve their services. There are lots of trains on this route. There are 8 trains available to Dhaka to Chattagram Route. But people love to travel on the following routes such as

  • Sonar Bangla Express
  • Chittagong mail
  • Karnaphuli Express
  • Chattala Express
  • Subarna Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Mohanagar Provati
  • Mohanagar Express
  • Turna Express

The distance of Train Route from Dhaka to Chittagong

Distance from Dhaka to Chattagram is around 152 miles and In kilometers, it’s 245 KM. One Mile is equivalent to 1609 meter and the nautical mile is 1852 meters.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Train numberTypeNameOff DaysDepat
788IntercitySonar BanglaSaturday07:00/12:40

Ramadan 2019 Date Iftar Tarabi Namaz

Welcome to Ramadan 2019. We called it as Ramzan in Bangla but In English, Everyone calls it Ramadan. In Arabic its called Sawm, It is a holy month of Hijri Calender. its also called month of prayer.

The whole Muslim world is waiting for this month. In this month, Allah(SWT) gives to Muslims to eradicate their sins.

Ramadan Calendar 2019 In Bangladesh

Allah makes fasting Mandatory for every one who is adult and healthy, in the month of Ramadan. If anyone denies his command, Allah will punish them hereafter. So before fasting, you need to know the starting time of Sehri and ending time of Sehri as well as you also know time of ifter. Here is the schedule of time according Islamic Foundation.

Sehri Time In Bangladesh

Sehri Time varies from city to city. So there will be difference between sheri and ifter time all over the Bangladesh. Please verify your time from the following schedule.

In Ramadan, you need to recite lots of Dua in Obligatory prayer. Bangla Dua helps you to memorize dua easily. The more you memorize dua, you will benefit your hereafter.

Bangla Dua | Bangla Iftar Dua | Bangla Munajat | Bangla Namajer Dua

Dua is a powerful weapon for Muslims. Muslims are the greatest nation in the history. Allah (SWT) tells us to make dua for everything we did.

Everything we did which is good, we say to Allah (SWT) to accept my good deeds and forgive my bad deeds.

So today we will give you lots of dua, so you can learn it and apply it when you pray to Allah(SWT)

Types of Dua

Dua are two types, One is Dua of Ibadah and another is Dua of Masala. Dua of Ibadah means all kinds prayer is called Dua. and Dua of Masala is A person who prays he/she wants to Allah(swt) which is good for him/her and which is bad for Him/her.

Features Of Dua

  • Dua never miss. specially a person who is a victim, if he/she prays to Allah (SWT), and Allah accepts his dua immediately.
  • Dua keeps you from arrogant.
  • Dua is a powerful weapon it means spiritual weapon.

Ayatul Kursi Bangla

Ayatul Kursi is one of the Best Dua. It is 255 verse of Holy Quran. Every body need to learn it and recite it because there is a lots of benefits if anyone recites it everyday after obligatory prayer.

Ayatul Kursi Audio

Here is attached audio of Ayatul Kursi. I hope you will learn it for the sake of Allah. May Allah accept your dua.

La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

It means “There is no might nor power except in Allah.”  And Our Prophet MUHAMMAD Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam said you should recite this dua as much as you can because it is a hidden treasure of Heaven.

Iftar Dua Bangla


O Allah! I fasted for You and I believe in You (and i put my trust in you) and I break my fast with Your sustenance’

It is advisable to recite Sura Qadr at the time of breaking the fast.