A Book Fair Paragraph

Nowadays a book fair has become very popular. It has created a sense of interest for books amongst the general mass: In a book, fair hundreds of pavilions are set up.

All sorts of books-fictions, textbooks, dramas, children books, reference books etc are displayed. The stalls are decorated tastefully and thus the attraction of the customers is drawn.

There are also food and drink stalls. The tired customers halt, rest, and take refreshment The entire atmosphere wears a festive look. The main purpose of a book fair is not a sale but it offers a rare opportunity to assess the advancement made in the publication of books.

It is heartening to see thousands of people coming to the fair and buying books according to their choice. A book fair becomes crowdy, especially in the evening.

Both male and female customers gather a book fair. The writers also visit the fair regularly. Seminars and cultural programs are also held. A book fair bears the testimony of the refined fastes and national culture of a country.

A book fair reminds us that books are our best companion. They are always at our side when we are in danger They change our outlook on lite and widens our domain of knowledge. It is! books which help us to forget jealousy, malice and superstition. Again we go! these best friends at a cheaper rate from a book fair

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