In a democratic country, a procession is the medium of expression of
public opinion. Its purpose is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the rightful demand.

However, a procession has become a common sight today. It is the formal march of a group of people. It may be small or big.

It is generally brought out on a political or religious or festive Occasion. It starts from a fixed point and ends also at its destination which is previously declared.

A procession is arranged in an orderly way. People take part in it in a disciplined way. They walk in a line chanting slogans. They carry placards, banners etc which exhibit their viewpoints to the common people.

The leaders are seen at the head of the procession. They make eloquent speech keeping up their purpose in mind at the end of the procession.

A political procession or the strikers are different from the religions or the festive procession. A political procession or the strikers are marked with much excitement. Sometimes there is violence and for this, the police are seen behind a political procession.

The police do so in order to avert any kind of violence or untoward incident. People demonstrate their feelings in a political procession while the strikers express their demand in their procession. The silent procession is taken out to express condolence.

A religious procession is marked with solemnity instead of excitement, mirth and gaiety. A procession is, in fact, an expression of public opinion.

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