A Railway Platform Paragraph

A railway platform is a place where trains stop and start from. It is a raised level surface alongside the line at a railway station. It is made brick Passengers buy tickets and wait here to get into the trains Passengers walk here and there on the platform for the arrival of a train

Sometimes they are found resting on the platform with their baggage piled up around them. The guards stand on the platform to show signals with green or red flags.

Shunting of bogies is also done near the platform. A railway platform is a very busy place. Passengers are seen coming and going across it. Everybody is very busy here.

The porters carry loads on trolleys. Hawkers move here and there with their goods. They sell their goods to the passengers standing or resting on the platform. It is the place where people go to their destination. So a railway platform is a very important place in the railway station

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