A STREET ACCIDENT Paragraph | Road Accident

Our country is overpopulated. Roads are also busy. So street accidents have become quite common. Most often accidents take place for careless driving.

Every day we find the news on many road accidents in the newspaper. Last week I saw a serious street accident. It took place before eyes. A young boy was crossing me Mirpur Road near the Science Laboratory.

Just at that time, a truck was coming at a great speed. The ill-fated boy noticed it but before he could go to the other side of the road he was run over by the speedy truck The truck did not stop rather it speeded away.

I rushed to the spot. To my horror, I saw that he was no more a human body but a lump of flesh. I was greatly shocked by this tragic scene. I could not forget the scene. We should bear up in mind that life is more valuable than time.

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