A TEA STALL Paragraph

A tea stall is a common sight in our country. It is found in cities, towns, bazar, railway stations, bus stands and even in villages.

It is a small shop. In a tea stall, there are few chairs, tables or benches. Prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits, cakes, loaves, bananas, cigarettes and betel leaf are also sold here.

There is often a boy or two to serve tea to the customers. The manager sits behind the cash box and collects money from the customer.

An ordinary tea stall is dirty. A kettle is always kept hot on the stove. A tea stall opens in the morning and closes late at night.

A tea stall is a popular place. People of different ages and classes come here.
They take tea and talk with one another.

They discuss various subjects. They also talk on village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs.

Sometimes customers raise a storm over a cup of tea. A tea stall is an important place of social gathering indeed.

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