Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule | 2019

The train is the oldest and easiest transport in the world because in this system there is no traffic jam. So today we will publish a schedule of trains in Bangladesh. is the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

During the time of Eid, people need to know the time schedules of trains available on different routes in Bangladesh. People get panic to take a decision about the journey of their respective routes.

Regarding the comfortability of people, we are providing the total train schedules of Bangladesh Railway. We hope this will help people taking the decision about Eid journey.  

There are 5 different types of Train available throughtout the Bangladesh.

  • City Services
  • Inter-City Services
  • Mail/Express Train
  • International Train
  • Commuter Train

Schedule of Train in Bangladesh

Train NoNameOff-dayFromTimeToTime
701Subarna ExpressFridayCTG06:40Dhaka13:00
702Subarna ExpressFridayDhaka15:00CTG21:45
703Mohanagar GoduliCTG15:00Dhaka22:10
704Mohanagar ProvatiDhaka07:40CTG15:15
705Ekota ExpressTuesdayDhaka10:00Dinajpur19:40
706Ekota ExpressMondayDinajpur21:20Dhaka07:15
707Tista ExpressMondayDhaka07:20Dewangong12:55
708Tista ExpressMondayDewangong15:00Dhaka20:40
709Parabat ExpressTuesdayDhaka06:40Sylhet13:35
710Parabat ExpressTuesdaySylhet15:00Dhaka22:30
711Upukol ExpressWednesdayNoakhali06:20Dhaka12:40
712Upukol ExpressTuesdayDhaka16:20Noakhali22:35
717Joyantika ExpressDhaka12:00Sylhet19:50
718Joyantika ExpressThursdaySylhet08:20Dhaka16:00
719Paharia ExpressMondayCTG08:15Sylhet17:30
720Paharia ExpressSaturdaySylhet10:15CTG20:00
721Mohanagar ProvatiSundayCTG07:00Dhaka14:20
722Mohanagar GoduliSundayDhaka15:20CTG22:50
723Uddayan ExpressSaturdayChittagong21:30Sylhet06:30
724Uddayan ExpressSundaySylhet21:20CTG06:10
729Megna ExpressCTG17:00Chandpur22:10
730Megna ExpressChandpur05:00Chittagong10:40
735Agnibina ExpressDhaka09:40Tarakandi15:20
736Agnibina ExpressTarakandi16:30Dhaka22:50
737Egarosindhur ProvatiWednesdayDhaka08:10Kisoregonj12:15
738Egarosindhur ProvatiKisoregonj06:45Dhaka10:50
739Upaban ExpressWednesdayDhaka21:50Sylhet05:30
740Upaban ExpressSylhet22:00Dhaka05:30
741Turna ExpressCTG23:00Dhaka06:35
742Turna ExpressDhaka23:30CTG07:10
745Jamuna ExpressDhaka16:40BB_East00:10
746Jamuna ExpressBB_East01:10Dhaka08:10
749Egarosindhur GoduliDhaka18:30Kisoregonj23:10
750Egarosindhur GoduliWednesdayKisoregonj12:45Dhaka16:55
751Lalmoni ExpressFridayDhaka22:10Lalmonirhat08:20
752Lalmoni ExpressFridayLalmonirhat10:40Dhaka21:05
757Drutojan ExpressWednesdayDhaka19:40Dinajpur05:30
758Drutojan ExpressWednesdayDinajpur07:40Dhaka17:55
767Dolonchapa ExpressSantahar13:30Dinajpur20:30
768Dolonchapa ExpressDinajpur05:40Santahar12:20
771Rangpur ExpressSundayDhaka09:00Rangpur19:00
772Rangpur ExpressSundayRangpur20:00Dhaka06:15
773Kalani ExpressFridayDhaka16:00Sylhet22:45
774Kalani ExpressFridaySylhet06:40Dhaka13:25
775Sirajgong ExpressSaturdayIshurdi07:45Dhaka15:10
776Sirajgong ExpressSaturdayDhaka17:00Ishurdi24:00

Bangladesh Railway Time Schedule Pdf

Here is Attached file of Bangladesh Railway Time Schedule. You will get all train schedules from this pdf file. Click and download the pdf and get your desired train schedule.

International Trains

There are two types of Train available in the Bangladesh which is called Maitree Express and Bandhan Express. The route is Dhaka to Kolkata and Khulna to Kolkata.

Dhaka to Narayanganj Train Schedule

Dhaka to Narayanganj train route is one of the most popular and busiest routes in Bangladesh. In this route, thousands of passengers travel every day.

Intercity Trains

The InterCity train is the express train service in Bangladesh which connects major cities (like Chittagong, Dhaka, Khulna, Sylhet, etc) and railway junctions and District. There are several trains from Dhaka City. We are sharing some route of InterCity Train.

InterCity Train Schedule From Dhaka

  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Dhaka to Rajshahi
  • Dhaka to Khulna
  • Dhaka to Sylhet
  • Dhaka to Kishoreganj
  • Dhaka to Dewanganj
  • Dhaka to Noakhali
  • Dhaka to Nilphamari
  • Dhaka to Lalmonirhat
  • Dhaka to Dinajpur
  • Dhaka to Tarakandi
  • Dhaka to Jamalpur
  • Dhaka to Lakshipur
  • Dhaka to Rangpur
  • Dhaka to Brahmanbaria
  • Dhaka to Mymensingh
  • Dhaka to Comilla
  • Dhaka to Kushtia
  • Dhaka to Feni
  • Dhaka to Tangail

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