Birds of Bangladesh – Paragraph and Composition


Our dear Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It is a land of forests and trees, hills and vales, rivers. marshes and canals. wide-open meadows. It has got a moderate climate–neither too hot nor too cold. So this land is a happy abode of different kinds of birds. Birds have increased the beauty of our country. We sleep at night and rise early in the morning hearing the sweet song of different birds.

Different Types of Birds

There are different types of birds in our country. They are different in color, size and habit. They eat different kinds of food. Some birds eat fish and flesh, some live on warms and insects, some on fruits and grains, some on filth and garbages. Birds are divided into many classes, They are teasing birds, songbirds, rapacious (Fra) birds, game birds, migratory birds and tailor birds.

Teasing birds :

Crows and kites are teasing birds. The crow is a very common bird in Bangladesh. It is very clever. It steals away the food and other small things from our kitchen and from the hands of the little babies. It looks ugly yet it is useful. It feeds on dead animals and dirty things. It has a harsh voice. The kite also steals away chickens, fish and pieces of flesh.

Song birds

There are many song birds in Bangladesh. The cuckoo is the most popular of all song birds. It comes to our country at the beginning of spring. Small boys and girls try to imitate a cuckoo when it sings. It hides behind leaves. The shyma, the doel, the koel and the baukatha-kao, the nightingale are well-known song birds. Doel is our national bird.

Talking Birds

The parrot, the mayna, the chandana, the cockatoo and the martin are called talking birds. They are fine looking. People tame them for their sweet voice and they can talk like human beings if they are trained.

The game birds

There are many game birds in our country. They are famous for their tasty flesh. The partridge, the dove, the pigeon, the snipe the bittern, the heron, the teal, and the pankauri are most well-known game birds.

The Fish Eating Birds

There are some fish eating birds that live beside the watery places. They eat small fish. The crane, the heron, and the kingfisher are fish eating birds.

Birds of prey

There are some birds of prey in our country. They are the vulture and the hawk. They mainly live on flesh and fish. These birds have keen eyes and sharp nail. They swoop down upon their prey. The vulture eats upon dead animals.

The Tailor Birds

There are some birds that build their nests with great skill. We wonder at their work. They are called tailor birds. The swallow, the tuntuni and the babui are tailor birds.

Nocturnal Birds

There are some birds that come out at night. They are called night-birds. The owl and the bat are of this kind. These birds do not come out in broad daylight. We hear the owl prowl at night. It is harmless. The. bat feeds on fruits. It flies at night.

Migratory Birds

Many game birds come from a foreign land in our country during autumn and winter. They are also famous for their flesh. They increase the natural beauty of our country for the time being.

Some Other Birds

There are many other common birds which we find here and there; We don’t know the name of many birds. The woodpecker is a fine looking bird. It made a hole in the tree. Pea-cock is also a beautiful bird.

Domestic Birds

The pigeon, the hen, the cock and the duck are domestic birds. They provide us with flesh and eggs. Many families in our country make a poultry farm and earn a lot of money.


Birds are our natural wealth. They are helpful and useful to us in many ways. They do many good for us. Birds eat many dirty things and keep the environment clean. Therefore, we should not kill birds at random and we should take proper care of them.

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