Campus Violence Paragraph

There is hardly any educated man who is not well acquainted with the term campus violence. All the colleges and universities have become mini cantonments which are full of mortal weapons and ammunition. The educational campuses have turned into the fertile ground of violence or terrorism.

The students, instead of concentrating their mind to studies, take arms in their hands. Many brilliant innocent students fall an easy victim to this terrorism and their life is cut off before they reach their goal and attain success.

There is no tolerance among the students. One can not tolerate others. Democracy teaches tolerance but the students are far away from the teaching of democracy. Students should take part in politics but this does not mean terrorism. Campus violence not only ruins the academic environment but also spoils the life of the students and takes away many valuable lives.

However, the students are not to blame. They have become puppets in the hands of the so-called narrow-minded politicians. The self-centered narrow minded politicians exploit the innocent students and encourage them terrorism by supplying them with weapons.

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