How to Get Emergency Balance in Gp, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink

Emergency Balance In GP


  • Dial: *1010*1# [Free] To Activate to load emergency recharge.
  • Dial: *566*28# [Free] To Check emergency Balance.


Emergency Balance In Robi / Aktel


  • To register in jhotpot balance dial *8811*1# or write START and send it to 8811
  • To cancel registration dial *8811*2# or write STOP and send it to 8811
  • To check jhotpot balance dial *222*16#

Emergency Balance in Airtel


  • To get advanced balance dial *141*10# or dial 20141


Emergency Balance in Banglalink


  • To get quick balance simply dial *874#


Emergency Balance in Teletalk


  • Dial *1122# or SMS YES to 1122.
  • Emergency Balance status by dialing *1122# or SMS STATUS to 1122.
  • You will get 10/20/30/50 Tk depends on your monthly recharging amount.



  • 15% VAT, 5% SD and 1% Surcharges applicable on Service Fee.
  • Some extra balance you will be charged on next balance deduction.

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