Population Problem In Bangladesh Paragraph & Essay

Introduction: Population problem. like the energy crisis, is one of the most talked of topics of the world these days. It is the burning question of Bangladesh. In fact, it can be termed as the number one problem of the country population of a country is a great asset unless this becomes unusually big in relation to the ability of food production of the world.

Now the world has a population of about 7.7 billion. The population of the world is increasing day by day. It is creating many problems

Population of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world, It is a small country of 55598 square miles. But it has a population over. According to United Nation estimates the current population of Bangladesh is 168,154,525 as of Monday, July 22, 2019.

  • Bangladesh Population is equivalent to 2.18% of the total world population.
  • Bangladesh ranks number 8 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.
  • The population density in Bangladesh is 1291 per Km2 (3,344 people per mi2).
  • The total land area is 130,170 Km2 (50,259 sq. miles)
  • 37.2 % of the population is urban (62,561,286 people in 2019)
  • The median age in Bangladesh is 26.0 years. Source: Check here for more details

Every year more than two million people are being added to our population. The problem is now out of control. It has now come to the position of the explosion.

When it becomes a problem: Though the population of a country is an asset, it becomes a problem when the country cannot afford to give people the basic necessaries of life. Food, clothing education, medicine, and shelter are the basic necessaries of life. The agriculture of our country is still in the primitive. So the production of food crops is very low. Moreover, every year
natural calamities like flood and cyclone damage our crops.

There are many causes of the rapid growth of population. Now-a-days owing to the better explosion of medical facilities and improvements of the standard of living the death rate has gone down much but on the other hand, the birth rate is on the constant increase. Early marriage and illiteracy rate are two important causes of the growth of population. The population of our country is increasing at an alarming rate. The rate of growth is about 2. 30% every year.

The wealth of the country is still limited. So with the growth of population, the want of the country is increasing. If the population of the country increases at the present rate, the population of the country will be doubled within fifteen years, we can not imagine how to feed so many mouths.

It’s effect: The area of Bangladesh is too small population. As a result, it creates the following problems.

Food problem: But agricultural production is increasing by arithmetical progression. The production of food can not keep pace with our increasing people. people. So there is a shortage of food in our country. Every year a large quantity of food is to be imported from abroad.

Communication problem: There are crowds everywhere on buses, trains. Bazars, schools, colleges, etc. people climb on the roof of the buses and rains to travel one to another as there is no room inside. This causes the accident.

Educational problem: It creates an educational problem too. It is a herculean job to get admission in school and colleges. For twenty seats, there may be two thousand candidates.

Unemployment: In the field of employment, this condition is hazardous. For one single vacant post, there will be a thousand candidates. Thousands and thousands of people are out of work in the country.

Shelter problem: The area of Bangladesh is too small to arrange shelter for a large number of population. In our country, some people sleep under the open sky, under the large tree, at the railway station.

Health problem: “Health is wealth,” but our people are suffering from many diseases. Many children in our country are blind because they do not get enough nutrition, Our children often suffer in diarrhea.

Medical and medicine problem: A large number of the population creates treatment problems too. There is only one qualified doctor for every 25,000 village people on the average. They also do not get proper and sufficient medicine.

Day by day the people of our country become very poor. So between the rich people and poor people have created a difference which retards, the development of the country The standard of living and per capita income in Bangladesh are the lowest in the world.

Environmental pollution: The increasing people pollute our environment by making latrines on the bank of rivers and canals Human waste pollutes environments. The vast population also produce so much carbon
which is a danger for the environment.

Poverty: Poverty is a curse. The increasing population of our country is creating pressure on our wealth. Our wealth is limited. So day by day we
become poor.

A large number of the population creates another problem. Bangladesh faces a deficit budget every year. Her economy depends on foreign aid and loan. Thus the increase in population is a more serious threat to Bangladesh than atomic weapons.

How to remove it: We should all come forward to control it, The government of Bangladesh is trying to control it. To remove this problem we should follow the following arrangements.

Family planning: Each family must not have more than two children. Then each family will be planned. They should make aware of the gravity of the problem.

Education of the masses: To check the growth of population, top-most importance should be attached to the education of the masses. If the entire
the population are educated, there would develop a sense of national awakeness and wide outlook among them

Stop early marriage: If we do not stop the early marriage, the people of our the country will be increasing deadly day by day.

Others: We can export man to other countries to remove the population crisis. To remove this problem, the lesson of self-reliance is particularly needed for us.

Conclusion: The population problem is a great malady for Bangladesh.
But this can be solved if the government and the people are firmly determined to control birth and grow more food at the same time. No improvement is possible unless this problem is solved. Therefore, all the people of Bangladesh and the government should join hands to meet the crisis right at this moment before it is too late.

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