Ramadan 2019 Date Iftar Tarabi Namaz

Welcome to Ramadan 2019. We called it as Ramzan in Bangla but In English, Everyone calls it Ramadan. In Arabic its called Sawm, It is a holy month of Hijri Calender. its also called month of prayer.

The whole Muslim world is waiting for this month. In this month, Allah(SWT) gives to Muslims to eradicate their sins.

Ramadan Calendar 2019 In Bangladesh

Allah makes fasting Mandatory for every one who is adult and healthy, in the month of Ramadan. If anyone denies his command, Allah will punish them hereafter. So before fasting, you need to know the starting time of Sehri and ending time of Sehri as well as you also know time of ifter. Here is the schedule of time according Islamic Foundation.

Sehri Time In Bangladesh

Sehri Time varies from city to city. So there will be difference between sheri and ifter time all over the Bangladesh. Please verify your time from the following schedule.

In Ramadan, you need to recite lots of Dua in Obligatory prayer. Bangla Dua helps you to memorize dua easily. The more you memorize dua, you will benefit your hereafter.

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