Rush In Trains Paragraph

It needs no telling that Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Her is increasing at an alarming rate. In comparison with the mother of trains is very small. So rush in trains is a quite familiar scene of Bangladesh. All the brains are overcrowded.

As soon as a train comes in the platform the passengers start a struggle to get into the train so that they can reach their destinations by availing the train. The passengers rush, run and jump into the compartments through doors and windows. They push each other.

The compartments become jampacked with passengers and loads. Sometimes the rush becomes so heavy thal a large number of passengers do not find any seat in the benches.

Often they find me space to stand so they get upon the root of the train at the risk of their own lives. Again some hang on the door and some in the toilets. As women can not sit on the roof, they sit on the buffers.

They do so under compulsion to reach their destination. The miseries of the passengers can not be described in words. The Railway Board should take proper measures to increase the number of trains and put an end of the sufferings of the passengers.

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