School or College Canteen Paragraph & Essay

A college canteen is a restaurant set up in the college campus to supply food and drink to its students and teachers. Our college begins at 8 AM and ends at 4P.M. Most of the students have practical classes of different subjects. We have to stay longer. So it is not possible to pass this long period without taking any snack or tiffin. Moreover sometiomes teachers and students come to college without taking breakfast. (Here in lies the necessity of our collge canteen. It is housed in the ground floor of the main building. It is very spacious, neat and clean. The seating arrangement is very fine. There are many chairs and tables to sit and enjoy food. Hot tea, coffee, loaves of bread, banana, biscuits, sweets and various kinds of hand made snacks are available. There are two cooks and some two or there boys to serve us. A manager sits behind the cash box and receives money. During the off period we go there and take tea or coffee and other light tiffin. Thus we remove our tiredness and gain energy. It is a place of rest friendship discussion and recreation. For all these reasons our college canteen is very favourite to us.

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