Teletalk Internet Offer 2019

Teletalk is fourth mobile operator in Bangladesh. It is the only Bangladeshi Telecom Company which is operated by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. According to BTRC report, Teletalk has reached 4.5 million subscribers at the end of the January, 2018.

Teletalk has launched lots of 3G Data Pack for their users. Most of them are very good packages. We are trying to include all the packages here, so that people will get all kinds of 3G Data Pack in this post.

Latest Bornomala Data Pack Offer

Latest Teletalk Internet Offer (Bornomala).The dreamm is now real! Enjoy the cheapest datapacks ever!

  • 1GB@TK23 (7D) *111*611#
  • 1GB@TK44 (30D) *111*612#
  • 2GB@TK83 (30D) *111*613#
  • 3GB@TK59 (10D) *111*614#
  • 5GB@TK93 (15D) *111*615#
  • 10GB@TK179 (30D) *111*616#

Price is all inclusive. Dial the USSD code to activate your desired pack. For Details:

Regular 3G Data Pack

Regular Data PackValidityActivation CodePrepaidPostPaidRecharge Amount
60 MB @ Tk.93 Days*111*501#D51F51Tk.9
3 GB @ Tk.333 Days*111*33#P33  N/ATk.33
30 GB @ Tk.44930 Days*111*449#P449 Usage-1GB per day Tk.449
5 GB @ Tk.11910 Days*111*119#P119 N/ATk.119
10 GB @ Tk. 18710 Days*111*187#P187  N/ATk.187
250 MB @ Tk.247 Days*111*503#D82F82Tk.24
500 MB @ Tk.3910 Days*111*513#D52F52Tk.39
2.5 GB @ Tk.7810 Days*111*511#D58F58Tk.78
1.5 GB @ Tk.11215 Days*111*521#D19F19Tk.112
2 GB @ Tk.16715 Days*111*522#D85F85Tk.167
3 GB @ Tk.20130 Days*111*531#D31F21Tk.201
5 GB @ Tk.30130 Days*111*532#D20F20Tk.301
8 GB @ Tk.39130 Days*111*533#D25F4Tk.391
10 GB @ Tk.44530 Days*111*550#D21F22Tk.445
15 GB @ Tk.64930 Days*111*551#D22F9Tk.649
20 GB @ Tk.84930 Days*111*552#D26F28Tk.849
30 GB @ Tk.116930 Days*111*553#D32F31Tk.1169
45 GB @ Tk.166930 Days*111*554#D33F11Tk.1669
65 GB @ Tk.222530 Days*111*555#D62F26Tk.2225

Teletalk Bornomala Regualar Data Pack

Data volumePrice / ChargeUsage validityData Pack CodeUSSD Activation
1 GBTk.237 DaysB1*111*611#
1 GBTk.4430 DaysB2*111*612#

2 GB

Tk.8330 daysB3*111*613#

3 GB

Tk.5910 daysB4*111*614#

5 GB


15 daysB5*111*615#
10 GBTk.17930 daysB6*111*616#

Teletalk Agami Data Pack for GPA 5 Student

Data volumePriceUsage validityShort codeUSSD Activation
1 GBTk.217 DaysA1*111*600#
1 GBTk.4330 DaysA2*111*601#
2 GB
Tk.8130 daysA3*111*602#
3 GB
Tk.5310 daysA4*111*603#
5 GB
15 daysA5*111*605#
10 GBTk.16930 daysA6*111*610#

Oporajita Data Pack special Package for Women

Data volumePrice Usage validityRecharge USSD CodeComments
1 GB
Tk. 87 daysTk.8*111*8#Only for first 3 months after activation
2 GBTk. 367 daysTk.36*111*36#Avail as many times as you want
10 GBTk. 14910 daysTk. 149*111*149#Avail as many times as you want
1 GBTk.8930 daysTk. 89N/AAvail as many times as you want
Combo OfferCombo OfferCombo OfferCombo OfferCombo OfferCombo Offer
DataTalk timeSMSPrice(all inclusive)ValidityActivation Procedure
250 Minute (any Operator) 100  (any operator)
Tk.19930 DaysRecharge Tk.199 OR dial *111*199#

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