Teletalk Internet Offer 2019

Latest Taletalk Internet Offer (Bornomala). Dream is now real! Enjoy cheapest datapacks ever! 1GB@TK23 (7D) *111*611# 1GB@TK44 (30D) *111*612# 2GB@TK83 (30D) *111*613# 3GB@TK59 (10D) *111*614# 5GB@TK93 (15D) *111*615# 10GB@TK179 (30D) *111*616# Price is all inclusive. Dial the USSD code to activate your desired pack. For Details

Bangla Love SMS | 2019 | বাংলা ভালোবাসার এসএমএস

সব ভালোবাসার মেসেজ একসাথে পেতে এখনি ডাউনলোড করুন Bangla SMS গুগল প্লে স্টোর থেকে। 1) Tumi amar ondhokarer aaloMishti jura kaaner duleRodh makhano shokal jomeTumi amay basho valo. 2) Vulinito Ami,Tomar Mukhe Hasi,Amar Gaouya Ganey,Tomake Valobasi…  Aso Abaro Kache,Hatta Dhoro Pashe,Tomay Niye Jabo Amar Prithibite… 3) Valobashai Kuno Sorto Thakte Nei,Sorto Thakle Bepar Ta Goniter Moto Hoye Jai,Ami … Continue reading “Bangla Love SMS | 2019 | বাংলা ভালোবাসার এসএমএস”

Bangla SMS – 2019

If you need all SMS in one App, Please download the Apps আপনি যদি সব এসএমএস একসাথে পেতে চান, তাহলে এপসটি ডাউনলোড করেউন Google Play Store থেকে। Prithibir Sobcheye Sukh ki Jano?Ma-er Hater Mar! Sobcheye Kosto Kise Jano? Ma-er Choker Jol! Sobcheye omullo Rotno Ki Jano? Ma-er Valobasha. Maa=Momotar Mohol.Maa=Pipasar Jol.Maa=Valobashar Sinduk.Maa=Uttom Bondhu.Maa=Bathar Osud.Maa=Koster Maje … Continue reading “Bangla SMS – 2019”

Bangladesh Train Schedule | 2019

Train is the oldest and easiest transport in the world because in this system there is no traffic jam. So today we will publish schedule of tran in Bangladesh. is the official website of Bangladesh Railway. During the time of Eid, people need to know the time schedules of trains available in different routes in … Continue reading “Bangladesh Train Schedule | 2019”

How to Check Own SIM Number Teletalk, GP, Banglalion,Robi, Airtel – 2019

Sometimes People forget his own mobile number. Its a nature of law. Today we are going to show you how to check your own sim number whether it is Banglalink or Teletalk or GP or Robi or Airtel. In Short:  Airtel Sim Number Check Dial:     *121*6*3# Grameen Phone Sim Number Check Dial *2# Banglalink Sim … Continue reading “How to Check Own SIM Number Teletalk, GP, Banglalion,Robi, Airtel – 2019”