What are the full forms of PESE, PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC?

  • PESE Stands for Primary Education Completion Examination
  • PSC Stands for Primary School Certificate. (Class 5)
 J.S.C  Junior School Certificate.
 J.D.C  Junior Dakhil Certificate.
 S.S.C  Secondary School Certificate.
 H.S.C  Higher Secondary Certificate.
 A.M  Ante meridiam.
 P.M  Post meridiam.
 B. A  Bachelor of Arts.
 B.B.S  Bachelor of Business Studies.
 B.S.S  Bachelor of Social Science.
 B.B.A  Bachelor of Business Administration
 M.B.A  Masters of Business Administration.
 B.C.S  Bangladesh Civil Service.
 M.A.  Master of Arts.
 B.Sc.  Bachelor of Science.
 M.Sc.  Master of Science.
 B.Sc. Ag.  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture .
 M.Sc.Ag.Master of Science in Agriculture.
 M.B.B.S.  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
 M.D.  Doctor of Medicine./ Managing director.
 M.S.  Master of Surgery.
 Ph.D./ D.Phil.  Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Science)
 D.Litt./Lit.  Doctor of Literature/ Doctor of Letters.
 D.Sc.  Doctor of Science.
 B.C.O.M  Bachelor of Commerce.
 M.C.O.M  Master of Commerce.
 B.ed  Bachelor of education.
 M.P.  Member of Parliament.
 M.L.A.  Member of Legislative Assembly.
 M.L.C  Member of Legislative Council.
 P.M.  Prime Minister.
 V.P  Vice President./ Vice Principal.
 V.CVice Chancellor.
 D.CDistrict Commissioner/ Deputy Commissioner.
 S.PSuperintendent of Police
 S.I  Sub Inspector Police
 GPA Grade Point Average
 Dr.  Doctor.
 Mr.  Mister.
 Mrs.  Mistress.
 Miss  used before unmarried girls.

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