The School or College Magazine Paragraph

Almost every well-established school or college publishes a magazine every year. It gives a view of the life of the college and reveals the creative genius of the students. It contains poems, articles and short stories-all written by the teachers and students. The publication of a college magazine is a very difficult task The editor and his assistants have to work hard to publish the magazine. The magazine committee invites writings from students and teachers. The editorial board selects the qualified ones for printing. The college magazine serves many useful purposes. The most important is that It brings out the latent creative talents of the students and thus helps them great writers. A student feels proud and happy when he finds his own writing in print. The college magazine also reflects the academic and co- curricular activities of the college. It is a treasure island to the students. The students can learn many things from the college magazine om the college magazine. In a word the college magazine mirrors the college.

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